A podcast about life, comics, and vulgarity

Pardon our Audio Problems. We talk comics, apes, and more

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Enders Game, Star Trek, Man of Steel, and comics. Enjoy

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The end of the month of Horror month is upon us and Halloween 1 & 2 and its impact as well as Alien and Aliens and sci fi is started. Enjoy

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We are joined by Keith Monkey Boy Knudsen for a discussion on dracula, hellraiser, Blackenstein, and more. 

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The Shining, Mama, Friday 7, This is the End, and more. Come enjoy us three weeks in a row. 

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Discussion of the problem of large comic cons, 70's horror, and The Innkeepers

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Month of horrow show 2 includes Vampire Circus, The Inn Keepers, World War Z, and movies that deviate form the source material such as the Shining. 

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We start month of horror early...Why the hell Not!? Friday the 13th, Lords of Salem, Shaun of the Dead, and more. Plus some DC Bashing as well. 

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Movies, Music and Comics. Yeah, it is the FBC

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The boys get a little angry at DC's marketing decision of the past week, but the positivity comes back with expendables 2. enjoy

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We talk Trek, We talk Music, We talk Comics, ... In other words 8 months have passed and nothing has changed. Enjoy!

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Title says it all

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And the month of Horror begins

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Well Not really, we just like Prog music, and we talk about it as well as other things

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O honestly have no clue what the hell i just spoke about for 3/4ths of an hour. ENJOY!

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Movies, Movies, Movies, Spam, Bacon, and, Spam

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Concerts, Music, Movies and more. 

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Dark Shadows, Woman in Black, Music, and some comics. Enjoy!

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Guess what we talk about? If you guessed Gay Sex you are only part right. 

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You have heard us blow them, now hear them for real. 

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We talk Music, Movies, Music, TV, Music, Comics, Music

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Comics, Life, and the riddles of the universe. All in one bite size hour chunk. 

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The three buddies back together. 

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Dark Shadows, Game of Thrones, Prometheus, and more.

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Mostly Comics this time So revel in the comicy goodness

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Prequels, Comics, and more. 

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Trek, Comics, and the Three Amigos

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Trek, Comics, and more

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To the show that never ends. 

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Sci Fi, Comics, and More

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Two out of three fbombers continue with Sci-Fi month, Kurt Russell and Bruce Campbell are given an enthusiastic reach-around. Curry, Kevin's apartment and Persis Khambatta are wonderfully brought together and the amazng tie-in with Marillion and Sci-fi. Lots of comic discussion and an fbomber that is not TJ or Kev tells Marvel to suck it.

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Is it horror? Is it sci-fi? Who Cares, it is the F BombCast!

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Horror, NYCC, and Comics. I am a proud hetero and Mike is a cooze hound. Other than that everything is normal. 

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Mike is Back with a vengeance and we are talking some sci fi, i mean horror, i mean sci fi, yep mike is back

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Horror, some comis, and then nothing. 

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The Month Of horror begins and We have a frank discussion on Torture Porn and Horror. 

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And the month of simians finally concludes with 3 movie reviews and a plethora of DC comics #1s

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Yelnick McWawa 2012 and that is all you need to know. 

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That is right, The Month of Simians continues, as does kevin's ire towards righteous indignation and tj's love of flashpoint. 

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It is the month of Simians, hear about that and more. 

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Comics, Movies, and trek, that is all we are. 

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Superman is not married and kevin question the existence of a god. Not really but close

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Change the title without the co host knowing, We talk Machete, we talk trek, and we talk comics, Sounds like the F BombCast to me

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Delusional TJ has no clue what he just spoke about for an hour, enjoy

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Green Lantern, DC Comics and hot teens. Sounds like a party to me.  

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DC Reboots everything and we talk about it enjoy

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We took another week off, so Kevin made a guesT appearance on DC Noise to talk the reboot. Enjoy!

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Flashpoint is here and it is the greatest event that has ever been ever will be and is right now. And some other stuff as well. 

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Thor, Dr. Who, and comics, Oh Yeah!

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Dr. Who, Star Trek, Comics and More all for the low price of free, what more can you ask. 

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Welcome to the first Manning sandwich with Cozine filling on the FBC as Mike and Kevin are joined by the yummy Margaret for some geeky conversation. We have a Monkeyboy email which was twittered out of him, an instafive of favorite TV finales. Bulldykes, Green Lantern cars, Hardcovers and many comics are discussed, Uncanny X-Men, Avengers, New Avengers, Hack Slash, Power Girl, Avengers Academy, Hellboy, Dr Who and Ultimate Spider-Man. Enjoy

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Gone, Gone the form of Man and rise the Demon Etrigan. (and a lot of other less significant things)

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Joined by the fairer sex we talk Dr. Who, Comics, and life

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Comics, Martial Arts, Fantasy Football, and douchbaggery. Sounds like a party. 

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Charlie Sheen, BJs, Anal, and comics. Seems like a party to me. 

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We are joined by an extra special Guest to speak of our exploits and Mail room Drama

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All three host are here and full mast talking Star Trek, Dark Shadows, and Spawn. I don't know if it gets better than that. 

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Mike and Kev minus TJ, who was doing some homework, lead you on a wondrous journey into mystery. The boys talk some comics... a lot of X-titles... Fantastic 4 587 (again) Top Cow universe and other assorted sundries. Mike also talks about the awesomeness that is Wade and his possible future infidelities and his cd collection. Kevin talks about his love for leather chairs and coat racks. A typical fbc podcast. 

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We talk more sex and the city, more marvel, and more trek than anyone could possibly want

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Sex and the City, Pirana 3D, and lots of comics

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Down an Fbomber as he is doing Homework Mike and Kev carry on with Mike sounding like a bizarre cross between Foghorn Leghorn and Demi Moore. Masturbation is discussed as is the awesome that is Machete. Comics are also discussed ... alot. They talk about Antman Wasp, Zatanna, Legion of Superheroes, Detective Comics,Weird Worlds, Witchblade, Thor: Mighty Avenger, Superman, Lady Death, Black Panther: TMWF, Wolverine: The Best There Is, Heroes For Hire, Black Widow, Widowmaker, Loki, Warriors 3, She-Hulks and Vampirella. An FBC mandate is also decided that no Marvel Architect's book can be discussed on the show. Enjoy and thanks for downloading.

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In this fantastic episode me and Kev light you up with a Civil war lesson, We discuss Spawn, and get into Ron Marz attacking Capes. 

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Comics, Marvel, Expendables, A Team, and Christmas all comes to a screaming halt when a fire erupts, yes i am serious. 

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Laryngitis stopped the show this week, so enjoy the Monkey begging to co host an episode, Jim Morrison teaching Kev to play chess, and Mike getting nice and toasty. 

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This is a repeat form a show on our old feed, I do not know what is discussed but it is described as "Mythology, Theology, and Care Bears" so it is obviously genius. 

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In this episode the boys argue Walking Dead, Yell some more at Marvel, and Tj gets pissed, what else is new. 

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Bad Spinoffs, Good Music, and better comics

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Comics,  TV, and a musical interlude by our resident vocalist is what you have waiting for you. 

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Despite the title, no earbuds were harmed in the making of this episode

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Election day is here, yet TJ and Kevin still are here for you, Mike on the other hand decides football is more important. His better half is here though to discuss superman, Batman, Horror films and more

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With one F Bomber Sick, another Partying, and the last playing a video game. This Is a repeat from the very early days and the first time you get to meet Dave and Kevin. 

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In this delightful episode comic talk leads the day and we learn of a special DC force that attacks every 28 days. 

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The Boys are back talking Horror, Comics, and Hub

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Do not adjust your audio, This is a repeat! Music, Movies, and Comics, What could be better?

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Hammer Horror, DC COmics, and Joe Quesada, Now that is what makes a good podcast

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Kevin's Month of horror is explained and All rejoiced, this extra long episode features mucho movie and comic talk. Enjoy

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In the extraordinary 100th episode, a fight breaks out over Shadowland, Stephen king and Joe Hill are discussed, and we learn about Sex Ed from a talking duck. 

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FBC 99: Charo Stole My Bottle Opener

When the shaft is away the left and right hangers will play. Kevin is six weeks smoke free and trying to borrow cigarettes from homeless people and Mike is dealing with insane people who talk to much. Kevin is happy and he knows it and claps his hands. The sadness of being a Star Trek fan in a Star Wars geek world is touched on as Kevin talks about the Fan film Fanboys. As you might have guessed a veritable quantum fuckton of comics is discussed including Batman 702, Superman/Batman 75, Magdalena 1&2, Buffy 36, REBELS 1-18, Weapon X 16, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier 1&2, Wolverine 1, Darkness: Four Horsemen 1, Secret Six 25 and Avengers: The Childrens Crusade 1. All this can be yours at the paltry price of a hamburger next Tuesday.

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Live from Heroes Con, TJ KEv and Dave are Drunk and Babbling about Avatar and Ghetto Booty

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Live from Heroes Con, TJ Dave and KEv talk about Avatar and other stuff. 

Category:FBC -- posted at: 7:59am EST

Our Heroes Search for the Greatest Crooner, Talk some Funny Girl, and relish in Chicago. Yes you have the right show

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Our Heroes Board their Stags and shoot down the Most brutal Scenes in Film as well as Life. 

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We Kick the Ass of the Hurt Locker, with a little Scarlett, and much more Booster. 

Direct download: fbc95.mp3
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We talk Dr. Who, We talk Comics, We talk Music, We talk everything you can imagine and then some. 

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IN this fun filled episode we discuss Movie, literature and SDCC news

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our heroes discuss grant Morrison, JMS, and a plethora of Good Movies and Music. Enjoy. 

Direct download: fbc92.mp3
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We learn a tale of woe for one of our heroes but it is all turned to anger as Crisis and Comics are discussed. 

Direct download: fbc91.mp3
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In this Thrilling episiode you will hear about the birth of an idea. Plus a good amount of comic talk. 

Direct download: fbc90.mp3
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After a little story about Poop, and TJ's useless parents, we get into comics talk for about an hour. Enjoy

Direct download: fbc89.mp3
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Today we learn who pays the bills and he talks about whatever he wants to

Direct download: fbc88.mp3
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With Mike Back we learn the beauty of the elderly, Interview Christos Gage and Thom Zahler, and Discuss lots of comics. 

Direct download: fbc87.mp3
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Live from Heroes Con with Ryan from the incredible Hulk Cast

Direct download: fbc86.mp3
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With a discussion on Pilot episodes, Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and Lots of comics, Can you tell which book pissed TJ off the most (hint it is int he title of the show)

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Comic Books, DC Love, Superman and Freddy Krueger, what more can you want. 

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Live From Amazing Stories in Shrewsbury, The boys discuss what makes a good LCS, The Problems with Comic Book Films, And the Importance of Customer Service. 

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I Scream, You Stream, WE all USTREAM, Kevin discusses some issues he has, and strong female characters are discussed. 

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Ever wonder how sexy Chris Lee is, Or How to get into a liberals Heart, All these and more and answered in this show. 

Direct download: fbc81.mp3
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Kevin is missed as he would be a great counterpoint on so much, but believe or not this is mostly comics. 

Direct download: fbc80.mp3
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Tales of Dave's Wedding are told, Then Comics talk is busted out for a good 45 minutes. Enjoy!

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Bachelor Parties, Healthcare and Batman, does it get any better. 

Direct download: fbc78.mp3
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MUsic talk abounds as Kevin is licking the balls of Caprica. 

Direct download: fbc77.mp3
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Joining us tonight is the Monkey Himself, Keith. Comics, Comics, Comics, We discuss Flash Rebirth 6 and the EVS wordballoon interview. 

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We trun 75 Mofos, A slightly extended look at TV Comics and Movies. Enjoy

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Comics, Movies, Comics, Movies, Shutter island, More Comics. 

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FBC 73: Cinebombcast... Naw That Won't Work

Tj and Mike will dazzle you with ... well... nothing. We talk for an hour and fifteen minutes about... well nothing. Ok maybe we mentioned some Movies....and maybe we had our Top 5 Directors... maybe... or it all could be a fevered dream that will step out of the shower at any minute...maybe. You will just have to download and listen... maybe

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FBC 72: Kirby Gets Blown Again and Again

Back for more, well we bring more. We talk life , love and the pursuit of happiness and then Kevin shows up. The production values are off the chart. This is the dvd extra version with much behind the scenes noodling. And we talk comics and listen as we regale you with our top 5 creative teams. Enjoy

Direct download: fbc72.mp3
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Villains, Dark Shadows, Music, Comics; What else could you ask for?

Direct download: fbc71.mp3
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Sidekicks, Music, And Kirby, Does it get any Better.

Direct download: fbc70.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:44pm EST

Comics are spoken of and we're pissed on might you say we are Comic Bad Asses. Well let's see if we would make our own list of Top Five TV Bad Asses.
Direct download: fbc69.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:09pm EST

Comics, Brightest Day, They Live, Battlestar Galactica, Prog Metal, Steve McQueen, Can we get any geekier? I think not.
Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:12pm EST

We talk lots of music, Mike's other podcasts, and some Exiles, Brave and the Bold, and Hellblazer
Direct download: fbc67.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:38pm EST

Kev and Mike go Crazy with Star Trek, Christmas, and Comic
Direct download: fbc66.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 7:16am EST

A look back at episode 8 which is really episode 12 which is now 65.
Direct download: fbc65.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 8:16am EST

When the right ball is away the comic talkers will play, Comic talk galore ladies and gentlemen, Enjoy
Direct download: fbc64.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

The boys get into a heated debate about the silver age of comics and Image united. Good old fashion Fanboy yelling with Vulgarity.
Direct download: fbc63.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:50pm EST

In a spectacular episode we spotlight Alan Moore, talk about some upcoming nuptials. and the disgusting WBC
Direct download: fbc62.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:11pm EST

Last week a good friend of the Show and personal friend of ours Eric Martin passed away. This show is about the things he enjoyed.
Direct download: fbc61.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:45pm EST

In this great show we explore the Prince of Darkness, Hack/Slash, Age of Apocalypse, and Garth Ennis's Battlefield
Direct download: fbc60.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:01pm EST

In this Musical Editoin of the show the boys discuss Concerts, Prog rock vs. jam bands and some comics
Direct download: fbc59.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:32pm EST

In this episode you get little Comic Talk but Mucho Horror movie talk. Enjoy and get your election coverage from our parrot.
Direct download: fbc58.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:35pm EST

With a Sick Wife, a Sick Co-Host, and a mentally ill retarded child for the Other co-host, the FBC needs a week off... or is it? Enjoy a trip into the wayback machine as we look at Dave experiencing the Time Traveling Wine
Direct download: fbc57.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 8:10am EST

In this fine specimen the boys talk about just about everything from comics, to music, to movies. Enjoy!
Direct download: fbc56.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

Baltimore Con has come and gone, Cos play and sales galore.
Direct download: fbc55.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:40pm EST

The 3 amigos are back together and it takes them a bit to get back in the saddle. of course genitalia and poop are discussed, why even ask?
Direct download: FBC_54.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:29pm EST

OK so it is the shaft and just one ball, no one else wanted to play. anywho, hope you all have fun as we discuss the fast food christ should have been offered.
Direct download: fbc54.mp3
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FBC 52: Bond Could Have Done It Better

Episode 52 brings you fun in all shapes and sizes.  TJ is entertaining Melissa on her birthday so the uncompromising Mike Stewart steps in to fill the void...but honestly can a nipple ever replace a penis? We start off talking about porn and well the show stays off of the rails after that. There is a half hearted attempt at comic talk and a failed segment that may or may not be back...enjoy

Direct download: fbc52.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:20pm EST

This is a Blast from the Past, from when we were hosted on Another feed. Come learn why we are on on our own and a river is just a river. The Shaft is almost killed with laughter, Come learn why.
Direct download: fbc22.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 8:52am EST

FBC 50: The Return Of The Shaft Episode 50 The return of the shaft. IN this fine speciman of a show we learn when kids start to hate religions, How much kevin is an idiot, and how much mike loves well just loves.
Direct download: fbc50.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 9:46pm EST

FBC 49: The Leering Third Nipple Held over by popular demand The Third nipple Mike Stewart returns. He regales us with tales of derring do with his newly purchased Batman game. Star Trek appears at the 4:25 mark. We have a fabulous email from the one and only Monkeyboy. Wonderful comic talk is sprinkled throughout the fantastic episode that is 49... as usual and hour of bullshit for a half hour of content...try and indulge responsibly
Direct download: fbc49.mp3
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FBC 48: You can only do a podcast twice This episode we welcome the third nipple of the Fbombcast Mike Stewart...our intrepid reviewer. We talk Star Trek...of course...comics...of course...a insta 5...of course....and welcome Mike back to the realms of douchebaggery...of course
Direct download: fbc48.mp3
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FBC 47: G'Nort, K'Nudsen we don't K'now The boys are back in town...Mike has some anger issues...Kevin proves why he has no man card and our stuntcock Monkeyboy treats us to stories about bike shorts and mucho comics. Insta Star Trek, Blimpies...all this and more can be yours if the Price is Right
Direct download: fbc47.mp3
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FBC 46: Charlie the Lonesome Cougar This episode finds the dangley bits unsure what to do without master shaft. We do a top 5 talk about how lovable and in need of nurturing Kevin is. We make a bet on what Katie's first word will be...Fuck or Cunt. Some comic goodness can be found if you listen hard enough...try motherfucker...try
Direct download: fbc46.mp3
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FBC 45: We are sorry Greg Rucka TJ and the gang ride again...audio problems be damned...full steam ahead....damn the torpedoes...we have not yet begun to podcast...we discuss chronic nocturnal emissions...sweaty balls...who's fucking Joe...why disco died...star wars...star trek...and we tried to pay homage to Greg Rucka but ended fucking that up...try and enjoy
Direct download: fbc45.mp3
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FBC 44: Throw Mike from the train Holy crap TJ is back and merriment ensues...well not for a while...but its there trust me. We talk Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams and Steve Martin...why...because we fucking felt like it. We also talk about Captain Britain...come to find out Mike is the only fan...there's a surprise...enjoy fuckers
Direct download: fbc44.mp3
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FBC 43: Yank Dave's Doodle Its A Dandy On this episode of podcast greatness we have the return of Fucking Dave who is now known as Relationship Dave.  We talk about cocks, comics, and coifs. Enjoy this slab of crackly goodness, it's  like bran and will make you regular.
Direct download: FBC43.mp3
Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:09pm EST

In the greatest episode yet, The bombers discuss beer, kids, poop, and go in depth about Frank Miller. www.fbombcast.com
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Category:FBC -- posted at: 10:34pm EST

In this podcast episode you will be amazed at the amount of people that you don't know who are mentioned, and we talk a shit load of X-men and people to have sex with even with an std. www.fbombcast.com
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The 40th Edition brings us Hulk Smash sadly without Hulk Smash. Heroes Con is discussed and Kevin must never drink starbucks again. www.fbombcast.com
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In the 39th variant edition, Tj Hates his Father-in-law. Mucho Comics were discussed as well as funny scenes in movies. http://www.fbombcast.com
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Episode 38 is hear and a continued talk on Movies vs. Films as TJ takes a look at Milk. Punisher is the character of choice and the year is 1997. www.fbombcast.com
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In this episode Kev and TJ embark on the questions of life and work, Vertigo is discussed with a very special guest and there is no top five or List. www.fbombcast.com
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In this unbelievable episode we talk Fast Food, Poop, Bodily Fluids, and JLI www.fbombcast.com
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We explain why Kevin is the stereotype, and have a heated discussion on why he is a douche. Oh and no mentions of Luke Skywalker. www.fbombcast.com
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That is right Buckaroos, we are stuck on Hoth With Kirk and Spock, Debating the merits of Black Sabbath, Wednesdays Comics, And Handicapped intercourse (sense a theme) www.fbombcast.com
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www.fbombcast.com In this episode we talk Life, Comics, and Vulgarity!!!
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In this Episode we talk about pleasure for the handicapped, A lot of Comics, And our top five overhyped things. www.fbombcast.com
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In this episode, TJ Goes off on Garofalo, DYFS, and we talk comics with the fairer sex
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In this episode we talk the balloon knot, music, movies, and almost forget comics.
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My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-bf14b8a6bdd6f4d6b804f52f1658bf2b}
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In this fine specimen of podcasting it is the two original F Bombers just BS'ing about life, beer and Comics.
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On this weird wacky trip down estrogen lane we talk a lot of comics, as well as bathing habits and Car Chases.
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In this episode that TJ doesn't remember what the name was supposed to be, We delve into the inner psyche of TJ and talk comics and 1980
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This is the first episode of a current events political podcast by TJ & Kev In this episode we do our introductions, what it means to us to be conservative, and we explain the format of the show. Main Topic: Media Bias Current Events Topic: The Fairness Doctrine Intro is created by Wyatt McIntyre and is title What does Conservatism Mean? His website can be found at http://www.wyattmcintyre.com/ The link to the PEW research of media Bias during the election is: http://pewresearch.org/pubs/1011/color-of-news-coverage E-mail us at TJ@fbombcast.com , Kevin@fbombcast.com, or Comments@fbombcast.com
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In this episode we talk about disappointing movie roles, comics, and the Balloon Knot
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It's the return Mofos, In this episode we talk Morgan's genitals, Reality TV, and Comics, Would you expect anything less?
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